Selecting Remote Access Authorization

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Remote access policies are a set of rules that define how connections are authorized. If a client meets MCSA Certification the specification of the remote access policies, the connection request can he accepted. If not, the connection even one from an authenticated userwill be rejected. Remote access policies provide granular authorization. The following infor?mation should be considered when deciding whether to use remote access policies and in determining how to configure them:
In addition to determining whether a user is allowed to connect, remote access policies provide restrictions for accepted connections. For example, they might state the maximum connection time or an idle timeout, implement IP packet filtering, be based on required authentication and encryption protocols, or specify the hours of connection.
Remote access policies are configured on the remote access server if Windows authentication is chosen or on the IAS server if RADIUS authentication is selected.
They are not replicated between VPN servers. When IAS is used microsoft exams, centralized control of remote access polices is provided. Many remote access servers can use the same IAS server, and all remote access policies will reside on the IAS server.Some remote access policy selections are possible only when IAS is used.

The account database for Windows network remote access connections can be the remote access server computer account database, the RADIUS server account database, or Active Directory. Consider the following things when making decisions about the account database location:
Using Active Directory as the account database provides a single sign-on experience for the userthe same account used for LAN access to resource can be used to establish VPN remote access.
A Windows-based user account database allows selection of authorization for remote access connections via the dial-up properties of the local or domain-based
user account, remote access policies, or both. Accounting (audit) records can be produced that record the start and end of calls
as well as predetermined intervals within a call. A RADIUS server MCSE exams can be configured to generate accounting requests, make these recordings separately from connection requests, and thus record information whether RADIUS is used fo authentication or not.
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Selecting Remote Access Authorization

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